Your new Best Friend - a FIRST Mom:   Life with Lucas... and a Robot.
They say that diamonds are a girls' best friend, but when you get pregnant, that changes... to panty liners. It sounds embarrassing, I know, but I wish someone would have told me this!

As your baby grows and starts using your bladder as a Bounce House, it becomes difficult to go any length of time without having to Pee. Everyone jokes that a pregnant woman uses the bathroom every 10 minutes, but for me, it was no joke. We all know that lines in the women's room are long, but what no one tells you is that having a gigantic baby bump doesn't give you first dibs or a shortcut to the front of the line. Just like everyone else, you have to stand there and hold it until your turn comes. 

Things like sneezing, laughing, and being startled tend to bring on a sudden urge to rush to the Ladies' room, so having a couple panty liners in your purse is never a bad back-up idea.

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